In the article “Friendship” written by Dannah Boyd, we can read about the research done in order to find out how social media intersect with different types of everyday peer negotiations, such as; making friends, performing friendships and navigating issues of status.

Celebrities are as human as all other human beings on this planet and as most of us, we have some kind of relationship to other people, besides to our families. The relationship I’m going for in this post is; friendship? What is friendship and what makes friendship so special?
According to Boyd, friendships tend to be relatively homogenous, also known as “homophily”. Boyd describes “homophily” as the likelihood that people connect to others who share their interests and identity.

                      The most common denominator among the celebrities are apparently their big income. What I have noticed, especially with one of the celebrities I’m following; Floyd Mayweather, is that he’s posting a lot of pictures/posts with/about other celebrities, especially with music stars such as Justin Bieber, Dr Dre, Justin Timberlake and Lil Wayne. I recognize the “homophily” in this particular friend zones because, as Boyd mentions, people, in this case celebrities, connect to each other and sharing interests with common denominators, in this case success and money spending.
It must be nice to be “besties” with the CEO of the Money Team. The WBC welterweight champ hosted a birthday bash for Young Money rapper Tyga in November last year and pulled no stops on the cash flow for the extravagant bash. Floyd bought endless bottles of champagne for him and his boys: Philadelphia Eagles Desean Jackson, Sean Kingston and Soulja Boy. Atop of that, Mayweather recently made a new wealthy friend. Who could it be? He pretty much knows every single millionaire around? This time Mayweahter stepped up to the “Billionaire’s Club”. Floyd “Money” Mayweather sent out a tweet on Tuesday night showing him and Warren Buffett squaring off in a prefight hype photo. Another tweet announced “Warren Buffett the 66.9 Billion dollar man joins The Money Team,” referring to his company and brand.

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The reasons seem obvious at most times, celebrities have success, wealth, and looks. Qualities naturally attract individuals because we look up to those who have succeeded in society, in order for us to contend with them. There is a tendency for us to believe that successful individuals have methods that we do not possess.

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