Many celebrities have been caught up in ‘sexting’ scandals in which their nude or semi-nude photos & dirty texts have been leaked to the public. Although some were just messages, others took it a step further and sent an image to go with the naughty thoughts. Floyd Mayweather is one of the many celebrities that has been caught up in a “sexting” scandal. Mayweather had a moral crisis and chose to be a “douche” when he leaked nude photographs of his ex-girlfriend, Princess Love after finding out about her affair with singer, Ray J (known for being the ex-boyfriend of Kim Kardashian). Karma struck Mayweather when  pictures of the boxer in light blue boxers, showing off a bulge was leaked and the leaker (rumors says his ex) made comments on “man size” saying “I’m hoping you post this and maybe Floyd will stop sexting me pictures of his three inch penis.  You ain’t packing honey.”

In the article “Sexting as media production: Rethinking Social media and sexuality” written by Amy Adele Hasinoff, sexting is defined as the process of sending uncensored images or texts through channels such as phones or internet applications. Hasinoff argues that sexting is often seen as a technological, sexual, and moral crisis, which we can relate to Mayweather’s sex-scandal story. But does that mean sexting is less of an act than face-2-face intimacy? In the article “Love in the time of Tamagutchi”, Dominic Pettman writes that all sex is actual cybersex and since it is the result of pre-programming, people believing that being virtually sexually active is the norm. All of us are programmed to define love in our own way and some of us simply define virtual intimacy as sex. By that definition, there is plenty of intimacy online, including a lot of Web sites filled with sexual images, sex stories and sexting.  

Amy Hasinoff continues by explaining that technology is dangerous because it leads to a “casual hook-up culture”.  Hookup culture represents a trade-off: Opting for casual sex spares us the risk and heartbreak of relationships.

In the magazine Inquisitor, Bilzerian said earlier this year that maintaining a committed relationship does not suit his “playboy” lifestyle. As I mentioned earlier, his Instagram account is best known for the numerous barely-clad women who appear there in photos with him. Bilzerian frequently boasts of his sexual prowess, most recently claiming to have had sex with 16 different “Playboy playmate quality” women during the 12 days of the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. Bilzerian is one of the celebs that thinks feminism and equality is immoral and therefore a lack of moral sense when it comes to sex and intimacy, which results in Bilzerian’s interest in hook-ups instead of taking the risk of being heartbroken by for example meeting a “gold-digger” – using Kanye West’s words.

Dissimilar from Bilzerian, we can see from Charlie Sheen’s history of intimate relationships that his expectations have changed. He experienced various kinds of love, chose partners for different reasons, and learned some ways to develop intimate relationships. In an interview with Doctor Oz earlier this year, he talks openly about his reputation as a womanizer, his failed marriages and his current relationship. Sheen tells the world that he is old fashioned when it comes to sex and intimacy and a lot of emotions evolving through all of his relationships. Charlie Sheen may be recognized as the “father” of hook-ups but Sheen differs from everyone else in the matter that he does not spare the risk and heartbreak of relationships, any more. 


As the stories go, the competition is fierce between the Hollywood superstars and you can’t go anywhere without seeing them spending money on cars, clubbing, beautiful apartments and on their lovely ladies. These celebs are famous for spending millions of dollars once in a while, but somehow the luxurious bank accounts remain luxurious. By being a multi-millionaire celebrity it’s impossible to be counted as a “mainstream” citizen or human being at all. Statistics say that the world’s richest 31.3% own 97% of the world’s wealth, which automatically makes them a minority. People also say that with great power comes great responsibility. The celebs I follow may have the power that comes with wealth; but do they behave as responsible as they should?

In the article “Feminist sexualities, race and the internet: an investigation of “Shoshana Magnet writes a part about how capitalism and the commodification of feminism and ethnicity are manifested on Suicide Girls. For an example we can observe the “playboy” Dan Bilzerian who often chooses to brag about the girls he is hanging out with. Buy partying with them, hanging out with them and playing with them, Bilzerian is making us believe that he puts effort in his relationship with the ladies and that he actually cares for them, which in this case is a total lie. In previous posts I’ve been talking about the rude and “anti-feminist” behavior Dan has shown, which makes it hard for us to believe that the effort he puts in to these girls are all for good reasons. This shows clear connections to Shoshana Magnet’s article and how she describes Suicide Girls and the models bodies being framed by racist stereotypes which result in their objectification. The website is there to draw attention and it’s possible to observe the traditional marketing practices of the gendered and racialized body to produce a profitable website.  

In the article “White Flight in Networked Publics: How Race & Class Shaped American Teen Engagement with MySpace & Facebook”, written by Danah Boyd, we can read that the social class of a person tends to determine his or her cultural interests, likes, and dislikes, and how socio-economic, racial and sexual distinctions, based upon social class, are reinforced in daily life within society. By following the celebs on social platforms and see how they behave on certain occasions, especially with women, we can make sure that these guys are being outside the mainstream of gender equality or any other equality at all. We can tell that they belong to the wealthy, patriarchal and an anti-feminist subculture. Being born with a silver spoon in their mouths shaped them into individuals with distinctions which are totally different from the “regular” – non mainstream.  An example:

This illustrates that it is not so much what the individual achieves that makes them a celebrity but it is in many ways the public, and the interests in which they indulge in of the “rich and famous”, through the media which may portray the individual in either a positive or negative manner. So with the interests of the public into the private lives of celebrities, it is worth noting that the current celebrity will usually have occurred from the entertainment industries; they will be highly visible through the media; and their private lives will attract greater public interest than their professional lives. Which brings us back to the point of how celebrities use commodification strategies to attract the public and their attention. With that said, it makes Dan Bilzerian, Charlie Sheen and Floyd Mayweather totally oppositional to mainstream culture; behave, make statements and do what pleases them because they have their wealth and social status to lean back on.




As we all know by now, Dan Bilzerian’s glamorous lifestyle includes money, weapons, boats, cars, jets and last, but not least at all – women. . We have been told that money can buy us a certain amount of happines - depends on how we choose to spend it. Obviously money and hot women goes hand-in-hand when we are talking about Dan Bilzerian. How is that? It’s for sure that the millionaire playboy is famous for his wild parties, feature Playboy bunnies and tons of incredibly hot women. Incredibly hot or not? Up to you all to decide.

In Rosalind Gill’s article “Postfeminist media culture” she writes that women are not straight forwardly objectified but are portrayed as active, desiring sexual subjects who choose to present themselves in seemingly objectified manner because it suits their liberated interests to do so.
As we can see from the pictures above, the girls are not afraid of showing some skin and it seems like nudity is something they can handle. The girls in Dan Bilzerian’s surroundings are mostly famous for being fold-out girls, such as strippers and porn stars – sexual objects. After all, they have chosen their lifestyle buy themselves and it seems that they are comfortable and it suits their liberated interests.
If we take a look down below, we can observe that not everyone is happy about his lifestyle;


We can observe a short and distinct answer but yet harsh and rude to the “feministic” comment. According to Gill this is an example of a feminist “idea” that is incorporated, revised and depoliticized and attacked. Gill refers to this as the contemporary ‘double entanglement’ of neoliberal values in relation to gender, sexuality and family life, and a feminism that is part of common sense yet also feared, hated and fiercely repudiated. 
Sex scandals have severely damaged countless reputations and relationships, but nevertheless, Dan Bilzerian shows no mercy.

Why have feminists earned a reputation for not being nice and a bit harsh? Probably because any time you’re part of a group that is operating at an economic disadvantage, and you start speaking up about it and trying to change things, playing nice simply doesn’t work - but hey, that is just my opinion. 

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In the article “Friendship” written by Dannah Boyd, we can read about the research done in order to find out how social media intersect with different types of everyday peer negotiations, such as; making friends, performing friendships and navigating issues of status.

Celebrities are as human as all other human beings on this planet and as most of us, we have some kind of relationship to other people, besides to our families. The relationship I’m going for in this post is; friendship? What is friendship and what makes friendship so special?
According to Boyd, friendships tend to be relatively homogenous, also known as “homophily”. Boyd describes “homophily” as the likelihood that people connect to others who share their interests and identity.

                      The most common denominator among the celebrities are apparently their big income. What I have noticed, especially with one of the celebrities I’m following; Floyd Mayweather, is that he’s posting a lot of pictures/posts with/about other celebrities, especially with music stars such as Justin Bieber, Dr Dre, Justin Timberlake and Lil Wayne. I recognize the “homophily” in this particular friend zones because, as Boyd mentions, people, in this case celebrities, connect to each other and sharing interests with common denominators, in this case success and money spending.
It must be nice to be “besties” with the CEO of the Money Team. The WBC welterweight champ hosted a birthday bash for Young Money rapper Tyga in November last year and pulled no stops on the cash flow for the extravagant bash. Floyd bought endless bottles of champagne for him and his boys: Philadelphia Eagles Desean Jackson, Sean Kingston and Soulja Boy. Atop of that, Mayweather recently made a new wealthy friend. Who could it be? He pretty much knows every single millionaire around? This time Mayweahter stepped up to the “Billionaire’s Club”. Floyd “Money” Mayweather sent out a tweet on Tuesday night showing him and Warren Buffett squaring off in a prefight hype photo. Another tweet announced “Warren Buffett the 66.9 Billion dollar man joins The Money Team,” referring to his company and brand.

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The reasons seem obvious at most times, celebrities have success, wealth, and looks. Qualities naturally attract individuals because we look up to those who have succeeded in society, in order for us to contend with them. There is a tendency for us to believe that successful individuals have methods that we do not possess.

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